Get Started 18 – 30 Start-up Loan Programme

We are proud to have been appointed a delivery partner for the Get Started 18 – 30 Start-up Loan Programme.

The programme aims to provide mentoring and financial support to young entrepreneurs, aged between 18 and 30, that would not normally be available via traditional banking relationships. It sets out to:

  1. Foster a culture of entrepreneurship in England;
  2. Support applicants to create and develop their business;
  3. Give a boost to UK economic growth through supporting the development of new businesses;
  4. Build-in success for new ventures through the provision of expert advice and support.

The mechanisms for delivering these goals rest in pre-application support to entrepreneurs, affordable loans on clear terms, on-going mentoring and support, and access to useful product and service offers that would not normally be available to new businesses.

Government’s ambition for the programme extends to 31st March 2015, and potentially beyond that. The basic premise is that, if there is appetite for this type of product, provision should be expanded to meet it. Meeting that ambition is dependent on proving its value and Remedy For Business Ltd will be working as a Get Started Approved Partner, delivering the programme to make sure that it is a worthwhile offer and will help to identify ways of making it better.

Remedy will help the entrepreneur with the loan application and business plan and will submit it for them. If it’s approved we will then work with them for the crucial 1st year to help them adhere to the plan and make a success of the venture. Remedy is proud to be accredited to deliver this programme.

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