Sales improvement

The client was suffering from cashflow pressures, much the same as many other companies. A meeting with the owner was arranged and a FREE Business Healthcheck was carried out with them. Whilst most areas of the business were running satisfactorily, the sales function was underperforming and the company had no marketing strategy.

A marketing Plan was agreed with the client and put into place and this identified some issues that were contributing to the problem. The website was looking tired and rather old fashioned and the salesman, whilst very keen and knowledgeable, had received no sales training.

Through our network of associates, we sourced a local reliable website development company who brought the site up to date and worked with the client in formulating a plan to drive traffic to it.

A sales trainer, with over 25 years experience, was brought in to give the salesman some training to help him develop his skills and confidence, and very quickly his level of sales quotes that were converted to actual sales improved dramatically.

With these two areas of the business developed, the company’s level of sales began to pick up, and the performance of the salesman improved beyond everyone’s expectations – including his own!!

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