Remedy mentors finalist in high profile co-operative challenge

The Buy Better Together Challenge is an exciting initiative by Co-operatives UK and BIS to inspire new models of community buying, stimulate enterprise and promote shared learning. A £60,000 pot will go towards training, mentoring and seed funding for stand out projects, including £15,000 for the overall winner”. The awrds were handed out on November 26th.

Remedy was priveliged to have been asked to mentor one of the 7 shortlisted organisation out of 110 applications. The mentoring focus was to help the mentee to weigh up situations, through a process of reflection, questions, challenge and feedback allowing the mentee to come to a decision themselves. As mentors we :

  • Provide an outside perspective on both the business owner and their business
  • Listen, confidentially,  to the things that are worrying the business owner about their business
  • Help by sharing their own experience of both failures and successes
  • Give friendly, unbiased  support and guidance
  • Provide honest and constructive feedback
  • Be a sounding board for ideas
  • Facilitate decision making by suggesting alternatives based on personal experience
  • Provide contacts and networks to further  personal and business development
  • Inspire the business owner to realise their potential
  • Provide ongoing support and encouragement.

Follow this link to see the BIS press release.

Follow this link to hear Ian Perry’s interview by BIS.

Ian Perry on mentoring and the Buy Better Together Challenge

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