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I have known Ian for the past 9 months as Falconrise’s financial advisor, the company I bought last year. I am a newcomer to running a company and have been thrilled with the quality and scope of the advice that Ian has already given us over such a short time.  Myself as someone with no financial background or company expertise has been put under extreme pressure to learn at an alarming rate to cope with the demands and Ian has been there for me.

Our aim is for the company to grow and develop in line with the demands of the current financial climate, and that means carefully looking at all areas of the company’s operation and making decisions that are for the benefit of the company whilst maintaining and building on the relationship we have with customers and staff. Ian has focussed me on what it takes to achieve sustainable high growth by identifying what our particular barriers to growth are.

Ian has been fully involved with my continued development as a director and the whole management team of the company.  He has me thinking in a more strategic way and has helped us develop our IT and back office as part of our growth plan, as well as developing our marketing plan and identifying future opportunities. As an accountant by training he has us drilled as to the importance of management information both operational and financial.

He has instilled a different outlook to our plans and is a strong motivational influence on myself and the team in general. Ian has played a fundamental part in the company’s  growth so far and I will be relying on his expertise to continue to grow the business in line with the growth plan he helped us put together.

I would happily endorse Ian as a valued growth coach.  He has shown unwavering support and ever present advice whether in person or by phone and email.  Ian has also helped with finding some extremely valuable contacts for the company including our HR consultants and our accountant, all of whom have shown the same amount of dedication to providing thorough and high quality assistance during our vital first year.

 Christine J Standell, Director –  Falconrise Ltd

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