A potential HR disaster averted

The client had been having ongoing problems with a member of staff and when this came to a head, the client promptly sacked him on the spot. When the inevitable letter from the ex-employees solicitor arrived on the door mat, he called Remedy.

Drawing from our local network of specialist partners, an experienced HR expert was called upon to review the existing personnel systems and procedures. Proper contracts of employment were drawn up and a Company Handbook was introduced.

The client was advised on what correspondence was required under the circumstances and what best practice was. The client met with the ex-employee and the issues were resolved, and then, by way of a Confidentiality Agreement, they parted company on good terms. The client avoided a tribunal case, which they would almost certainly have lost, and lessons were learned.

Finally, the client was given some training to develop their skill-set and avoid similar issues in the future. Having learned lessons the client was left in a much better position that would have been the case if they had lost an industrial tribunal case.

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