Advice and Mentoring

As a business owner, we know from experience that life can be very challenging and feel lonely at the top. You are probably not large enough to have a Board of Directors but may need someone outside of the business to support you and your business plans. Remedy can be there for you when you need it most to provide an external view of your business without the emotional attachment that you have.

Working with Remedy on a monthly basis, both in face to face Board meetings and on the phone, you get the support when you need it, whether it’s putting a business plan together to access funding, preparing a marketing strategy prior to launching new products or dealing with staffing issues. You get access to our nationwide networks of experts who are specialists in their field, and have been Board directors or business owners themselves so they know in practice what it really takes to run a business.

You can have someone to chair monthly Board meetings to ensure progress is constantly made, who will ensure minutes are produced with action points allocated to individuals. Having access to someone who understands the finances of business, who will help you focus on what drives the finances, and who will help you assess the viability of the business model now and the future plans you may have, will give you the confidence in the decisions you make knowing someone from outside of the business has independently reviewed your plans and ensured they are robust.

If you think now is the time to benefit from an experienced advisor and mentor, Ian Perry is ready to speak to you in confidence on 07552 162485.